During the course of the past 30 years, we've covered a lot of ground, but a few things remain constant.  

We put power into your hands - real answers to real business questions - that's what we formulate.  

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At the heart of every application is data, and we are 'The Data Folks'.  Whether it's Microsoft SQL Server, Open Source DBMS or the more proprietary Oracle platform, we've been there.  Before any operational or analytic business need can be addressed, an available, consistent, and well designed database is a must.  It's what we've been doing since day one.


It's an evolving science often described as a collection of V's: Volume, Variety,Velocity, Veracity, etc.  Only recently have platforms been sufficiently robust to manage the huge task of storing, interpreting, and analyzing such a disparate collection of data.  While we share the same challenges as do others looking to leverage this investment, our entire history has focused on gathering data to form information - to answer your important questions.   


Once the data is collected, it's time to find the competitive advantage that's hiding.  It's the end game where you get the rewards.  You've made the investment in operational systems to run your business.  Now, we can help you reshape the information to grow your business.  


We've been designing user interfaces for many platforms for a very long time.  An effective interface is intuitive and works 'as expected'.  That sounds easy, but elegant interfaces are a work of inspiration - and a lot of perspiration.


We do a lot of .NET development for web and desktop.  Microsoft is a mainstream technology set that we stay close to, but it's not the only tool.  So add Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and a bunch of others to ASP.NET and C#, and that's where we live.


Project Management is a big part of our life.  Whether it's Agile scrums and sprints or more traditional life cycle methodology, we believe.  No matter how skilled the developer, there's no substitute for planning.

We need to be right the first time, and on time.