SQL Health Check

We break this down into 3 phrases: Planning Assessment and Review. 

Phase 1: Planning. (An hour or so +/– we’ve done it before!)

We need a short meeting - call it an hour. We’ll need at least one stakeholder and a technical representative because we need to learn about you – business issues as well as technical.  

We start by listening – hence the stethoscope!  We have a comprehensive suite of tests, but listening allows us to tailor the execution of our plan to your needs. Then, we’ll discuss access/permissions requirements, identify critical targets, and plan the actual execution.

Phase 2: Assessment

What happens next depends on what we discover in the planning phase.  So, time and details may vary, but, at a high-level, there are some common steps:

-       Collect Statistics from your system  (60 min – our ‘tailored’ procedures)
Review (30-60 min) in a 2-way dialogue to address any questions/concerns before Spantech starts their assessment
-       Spantech evaluates the information collected (off site). 1 to 2 business days
-       Spantech drafts the assessment documentation summarizing findings and recommendations (1 to 2 business days)
-       Spantech will conduct an internal review with our experts to leverage a broad set of experiences. 

Phase 3: Client Review (an hour or two)

-    Schedule a meeting of the team, and send a copy of our results and recommendations
-    At the meeting, review the scope of the health check and discuss how to read the documentation
-    Present an executive summary and any other significant findings/recommendations
-    Address the specific concerns your stakeholder(s) shared in Phase 1
-    Listen to your feedback
-    Discuss Next Steps to partner with you as necessary

In Summary:

We believe in our team and our methods!  We are confident in the following:

1.     You’ll walk away with greater insights into your data ecosystem. 
2.     You’ll understand a plan of action to keep your data “healthy”
3.     You’ll like what you see from us.

You have little to lose and a lot to gain.  Try us.

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