SQL Server Upgrade Strategy

The biggest misconception...

"All you need to do is read the install documentation, and then follow the bouncing ball."  

The best approach...

Like any important implementation, it should be treated as a project.  There needs to be planning, resource scheduling, detailed change management, and all the care you'd put into any significant application launch - because that's exactly what it is!


  • Are licensing aspects at the root of your changes - what's the best feature/cost ratio? 
  • Which release changes need to be considered regarding resources, engine behavior, bug fixes and other things of impact? 
  • How significant is the code base impact -Procedures/Triggers?   What testing will they require?
  • It's not just the Engine - remember Reporting Services, Analysis Services and Integration Services.  What testing is needed?
  • What's your test plan?  All servers at once?  All applications at once?  What are your critical path time windows?

...  and more

Strategy Meeting...

You'll need a strategy and a plan.  Spend an hour or two with us to help assess the issues and formulate a basic strategy.  We can show you examples, probable time lines, possible execution plans, testing considerations, and maybe even some specific 'gotchas' related to your target version. 

The Deal...

We'll invest the time to learn the basics of your environment and goals, and we'll formulate a general strategy to meet them.  Your investment is a few hours with your DBA(s) and a project stake-holder.  Maybe you'll use us to help further in a limited or more committed role, but that's entirely your call - no commitment necessary.  

A few hours won't meet all your needs, but at least you'll get started in the right direction.

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